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Job doesn't fail although output file is not available


I use the following code to persist an output file:
        ReferenceArray refArrOut = new ReferenceArray
            Name = "OutputFiles",
            References = new ReferenceCollection()
        var nameOut = string.Format("somefilename.txt");
        var blobOut = blobContainer.GetBlobReference(nameOut);
        var azBlobRefOut = new AzureBlobReference(blobOut, UserDataStoreConnectionString);
        refArrOut.References.Add(new Reference(nameOut, azBlobRefOut));
If the file defined by nameOut is not created by the application, the job finishes without a problem and there will be a blob with the name and size equal to 0 bytes.

The expected behavior is, that the job fails as it does when using a SingleReferenceOutputArgument instead of MultipleReferenceOutputArgument. The current behavior is quite annoying as I cannot rely on the status GW is reporting to me.


ameick wrote Jul 10, 2013 at 5:04 PM

Will be included in V2.1.0